Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Farm on the News

The farm where our steer and turkey was/is being raised and where our milk cow lives was on the news this morning. They talk a little bit about the meat/cow shares that are available and you can see our cow Guinevere (we are one of the 14 families mentioned, though I think there are really only 13 of us). Anyone who lives in the Southern California (Inland Empire) area, I highly suggest going to Amy's Farm and taking a tour or checking out their herd share programs if you have an interest in getting locally, humanely raised meat. We will be picking up our 1/3 of a steer any day now and I am helping to process turkeys on Monday.

The news spots are all similar but fairly short if you want to watch all of them. You have to be willing to put up with inane chatter from the news people though. It reminded me why I don't watch the news anymore...

The 5am spot

The 6am spot

The 7am spot

Hurray for local farms!

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