Saturday, September 7, 2013

A New Beginning!

Wow.  A lot has happened in the last two years.  We started a business, moved to a new farm, raised new types of animals, and moved again.  To the other side of the country.  Yep.  We picked up and moved to Virginia.  That decision was made about two weeks after the idea was brought up and we were packed up about three months later.  Our new place is 113 acres and has two barns, two three-stall equipment sheds, a greenhouse, a smokehouse, a 1 acre pond, and of course a house for us.  Currently under construction past the pond and up the hill, is my parents' new house.  They moved here from their place in Arizona and I am thrilled my boys are going to be so close to their Grandparents.

Some pictures of our new farm (some of these were taken when we first saw the property in March and some more recently).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waiting on Blackberries

I took the kids up the mountain today to see if the blackberries are ripe yet.  The small bit that we have here at the house was done fruiting at least a month ago but the mountain berries always take longer since it isn't as hot up there.  I had an idea that even if there weren't enough to make jam, I would make a little blackberry syrup to have on our pancakes in the morning. 

We did get some, but they were mostly still green.  The kids ended up eating all of what we did manage to find almost before I got the engine turned on to come home.  I guess blackberry syrup and jam will have to wait another week or two.  I'm just glad we didn't miss the harvest entirely!