Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have gone on a jam making frenzy this year, though not nearly as much as I wanted to at the start of summer. So far I have made plum, rhubarb, lemon marmalade, and blackberry-fig. With the exception of the rhubarb, all the fruit came from sources within 15mins of our house. The rhubarb was still a US product, but I'm not sure how far it had to travel to get to me. The plums came from a friend's tree. The lemons from a lady who posted on freecycle that her lemon tree needed to be picked. The blackberries were wild ones that we went and picked up on the mountain a couple days ago, and the fig was a gift from a neighbor's tree. If only I had a local source for sugar...

We are going blackberry picking again in a week or so and I hope to get enough to make a batch of plain blackberry jam. We have some blueberry bushes in the backyard that are doing well so maybe next year we will have blueberry jam as well. I am trying to think of what other fruits I can easily get locally to make some more flavors. I'll have to see if I can trade finished jam for fruit with friends who have different trees next year.

Some of this year's jam. From left to right there is: blackberry-fig, rhubarb, plum, and lemon marmalade.



Jennifer said...

They Look Great! Good Job :)

Deborah said...

Yum! I'll be by soon to pick up a few bottles. ;)